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Age: I like to control rhythm to won't be procrastinated to break down

08/01/2012 22:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Age: I like to control rhythm to won't be procrastinated to break down

Dispatch of Neteaselouis vuitton outlets science and technology on December 8 message, "I like to control rhythm most ", the Fan Kecheng in eddy of deep-set public opinion tastes CEO age said to media last night, "I had not let a thing follow me to be immersed in lair thoroughly, one have a sign of disturbance or trouble, I had been cleared away first for certain " .

Fan Kecheng tastes vice-president Wu Sheng to leave his post a few days when the message announces in, all sorts of hearsay that erupt centrally let Fan Kecheng taste was introduced tolouis vuitton outlets stores suddenly the peak of public opinion. One is aimed at the faceless rich customer that every guest offers, explode greatly product line of dilate of every guest insanity, cause stock keep long in stock serious, dead inventory 10 a few, 4 years be in debt exceeds 2 billion, capital catenary appears serious problem. As a result of the lessons drawn from others' mistakes of PPG, these messages ferment ceaselessly, caused industry to taste the suspicion of mode to Fan Kecheng once more even.

The Fan Kecheng that is in where the wind and the waves are highest tastes a company to made a response say the circumstance is disloyal ceaselessly recently, father is age also be in eventually evening faced media confide aspirations yesterday.

"I like to control rhythm most, had not let a thing follow me to be immersed in lair thoroughly, also pull me without a thing break down, one have a sign of disturbance or trouble, I can have been cleared away first for certain " . To a variety of doubt of thelouis vuitton outlets store online outside, age also of mention lightly made again deny: "As the person that a new pattern tries, use 4 years of time to grow, everybody has suspicion, having doubt is normal. Having doubt is normal..

Actually, leave his post from every guest before this found the Xu Xiaohui that engraves at the beginning of brand of another Internet dress, in refer old advocate when, ever also gasped in admiration to the assurance of its rhythm have add: Fan Kecheng is tasted can succeed, besides group dominant position, capital it islouis vuitton outlets online drive, good to enter time to nod besides, with age accuse operation rhythm to concern. "Age know to do a what kind of thing to an enterprise in what kind of phase " .

But, come 4 years cruel the every guest that grow, also below the rhythm that may not at every turn accuses in age palm, "The category dilate this year is too violent, this is me must analyse ", he plants this described as of condition of out of control " terrible " . An example is, once discovered to storeroom the corner is piling the mop of every guest card once, let his be filled with amazement: Who can buy these things? The member that do this allow express delivery how deliver goods?

And with the case with similar mop, still have kitchen knife of every guest card, riceauthentic louis vuitton outlets cooker of chopping board, report...

Arrive from two shirts 4 years ago today, fan Kecheng is tasted already extended cover to men's clothing, female outfit, childen's garments, shoe, deserve to act the role of, live in 6 kinds big, have the product of on 10 thousand SKU.

Can be age do not think these are too radical expression, it is every guest only the process of ceaseless trial and error: "Do not match thelouis vuitton 2012 sock afresh, how to know the sock is good sell? Do not sell appeal underwear, how know it click a quantity is the conference so big? How know it click a quantity is the conference so big??

Just, in trial and error while, age also proceed is worn adjust. According to his view, every guest is undertaking be cuttinged appropriately to category, "This also is normal procedure " .

"Tall canal is adjusted be not for no reason at all style and outstanding disparate "

Another age management style that circulateslouis vuitton outlet in industry is: "Let new personality do old thing, let an old person become new issue " . And this also was thought to hurt old stuff feeling, it is every guest in recent years a reason of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

To this, old chronological table is shown, the style that every guest adjusts to tall canal and at the outset outstanding disparate. "Outstanding be being adjusted every time is to be cleaned greatly, but the times is different, every guest has a space, adjust the everybody louis vuitton wallets that come out to have a proper place. Adjust the everybody that come out to have a proper place..

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