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Kuang Ziping: Open bright achieve cast " slow fire " strategy

14/01/2012 23:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Kuang Ziping: Open bright achieve cast " slow fire " strategy

Open brightlouis vuitton outlets achieve cast father to although be technical one's previous experience, hold president Kuang Ziping concurrently, it is the market however model investor.

Open bright achieve cast father to hold president Kuang Ziping concurrently

Open bright achieve the assembly room wall that throw to go up, pensile already the sign of 51 companies, kuang Ziping is very complacent to this, "This is not our complete list, in fact we had invested many 60 company. " after leaving Intel to invest a ministry, kuang Ziping founded to open bright achieve cast.

The Kuang Ziping of technical one's previous experience is mixed in IT technology, medical treatment spade husbandry of clean technology domain, "Open bright louis vuitton outlets stores emphasized already dedicated, did not put energy in single investment field again, can accomplish in a few domains however dedicated. Can accomplish in a few domains however dedicated..

From the point of the style of progressively maturity, open bright achieve cast lay particular stress on at long term investment, the style is dovish, the key that Kuang Ziping thinks to invest depends on investing the market survey of early days development. Kuang Ziping is IT background one's previous experience, he is the computer Master of Stanford university, also hold a post 5 years in Cisco China, have deep understanding to communication domain, the successful case of his associate with also is centered in communication domain, kuang Ziping ever had invested Hong Kong advocate board the A8 music that appear on the market, letter of the Zhuhai fire force that Nasidake appears on the market, heart is wireless with blue message science and technology, and Shuang Wei communication.

Look in Kuang Ziping, open bright achievelouis vuitton outlets store online the edition that casts layout to differ piece, can choose the company of different level according to disparate industry, invest level emphasize particularly on to also can differ somewhat. In Internet domain, those who open bright investment is very inchoate project, it is the person that do poineering work even sometimes when just acting, joined, this needs the judgement of sex of the look up before investor is provided extremely to the industry. Open bright achieve cast the behead in Internet to obtain have century fine predestined relationship and the net that clean out rice, these two companies appear on the market in Nasidake this year.

And in medical treatment domain, after Kuang Ziping thinks this should be a maturity the market of reentrance, no matter be industry of pleasant plum drug or peaceful case medical treatment, "We are to be in an enterprise to had matured certain louis vuitton outlets online level, but still do not have large-scale erupt the night before last that the gender grows is cast.

Before investment it is very important to fulfil his duty to investigate, open bright achieve cast 2009 Fan Kecheng invested to taste first. For the word that uses Kuang Ziping, the price is not cheap at that time, but the period that meeting financial seismic sea wave just passed 2008, because economy is low, confuse, not be so before " a female a hunderd schools is begged " intense competition. Open bright achieve cast be not exclusive a company that values Fan Kecheng to taste, but stagnant economy allows many potential competitor withdrawal, this gave open bright those who undertake fulfilling this duty to investigate " extravagant " opportunity.

The project that Fan Kecheng tastes executes a person is Tong Shihao, in the earlyauthentic louis vuitton outlets days of investment, tong Shihao " rate is numerous " do in the office of every guest fulfil his duty to investigate, check data, storehouse seeing money, net to go up the try out that order is installed... so that be in, open bright every week on one regular meeting, of Tong Shihao " Vancl Update " became fixed item, "Put now in this fast and blundering competition environment, such fulfilling one's duty that investigate cannot be accomplished, investor does not have time, and the enterprise also won't give us so sufficient cooperate. " good project is to rely on slow fire, kuang Ziping speaks of this still having deep feelinglouis vuitton 2012 quite. Although Kuang Ziping is technical one's previous experience, it is the market however model investor. He thinks technical innovation of China is late, want to seek distinct advantage from the angle that enters the market so, the Mu Dongguang report that he invests is the world get on a few only to be able to measure one of companies that produce capacitance type to touch screen. Kuang Ziping took a fancy to this company a lot of innovation in raw material, and caught up with smartphone and flat computer to wait for those who feel type terminal to rise abruptly, and feeling screen is distinguished without national boundaries.

But differ with manufacturing industry, internet is the market that emphasizes mainland changing. Before the product enterslouis vuitton outlet the market, should have done first with local culture, language without seam a butt joint, the develops the input method that touch treasure group that Kuang Ziping invests belongs to namely. The input method that touch treasure is a very popular on Android platform input method, this input method has the commonly used word of banner algorithm study user, OK this forecasts an user to input a preference, improve input efficiency. And its " close " more the switch that depends on can realizing different language, the Europe that this often is using a variety of languages at the same time is quite welcome, basically pass the OEM mobile phonelouis vuitton wallets that exports overseas market to be installed beforehand at present, communication of TCL, resurgence and China what bed mobile phone majority installs beforehand is this input method.

Divide algorithm powerful besides, of man-machine interface novel also be one of reasons that attract Kuang Ziping, kuang Ziping is used " biting " 2 words will describe the design that touchs treasure. "Future feels the user of terminal to experience, can overturn traditional user experience, can fumble earlier the product that gives these this kind of nuance, can hold the market earlier. One the input method is a mobile phone needs machine partslouis vuitton speedy or tools kept in reserve, can do very greatly. Can do very greatly..

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