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Yahoo buys program 3 choose one Mayun balance " sexual price is compared "

10/01/2012 22:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Yahoo buys program 3 choose one Mayun balance " sexual price is compared "

In payingGucci outlets treasure equity the event that move and predecessor CEO Ba Ci are dismissed, blank with each passing day Yahoo sinks in wall street experience 100 walk. In a flash, yahoo becomes sweet pastry again however, all sorts of buy pass on a message around, wall street trades mercantile person tries to divide a cup of a thick soup.

Nowadays, be placed before Yahoo be bought big eat shares 3, it is illicit collect takes the lead buy equity of this company minority; It is Alibaba and soft silver-colored combination buy Asian property next; 3 are to be faced with overall to buy. And no matter be which kind of, the Babaji in A is round He Mayun acts amid crucial role.

The presidentgucci outlets store before China of famous essayist, Yahoo thanks Internet Wen Xiangna the reporter expresses, below the state that bids in the person that numerous contest is bought, alibaba should be faced " sexual price is compared " problem, and wh whoever enters bureau Yahoo successfully, should handle Alibaba necessarily equity is redemptive be related, this will be a complex process.

3 choices of Yahoo

Message personage discloses, at present of Yahoo board of directors is evaluating at hand many purchase a proposal. Thesediscounted gucci bags proposals can divide it is 3 kinds:

It is by silver-colored lake associated Microsoft, wind casts Andreessen Horowitz to buy Yahoo to make an appointment with the equity of 20%, intermediary report shows they gave out outside 16.6 dollars / buy quoted price; Participate in this means of purpose likewise still TPG Capital zephyr casts Greylock Partners, relatively at former their quote tower above 1 dollar.

Below this kinds of circumstance, yahoo still can evaluate the plan that two paces take, it is to sell a few equity above all, later again pass on sells Asian asset, and Alibaba and soft silver are this share capital is potential buy original gucci bags the home.

It is the Asian property that combines soft silver to buy Yahoo place hold by Alibaba next, yahoo is current hold Alibaba the equity of 40% and Yahoo Japan the equity of 35%, and soft silver has in two afore-mentioned companies large-scale hold. Message personage expresses, should offer to also did not obtain affirmation of board of directors, because A is Libaba, soft silver-colored apt buys this part equity with the price that is worth under appraise, and trade economic tax cost can make up for balance.

The 3rd kind is by capital of favour of Hei Shi, shellfish together soft silver of Alibaba, Japan, those who pull a hair to removeleather gucci bags pair of Yahoo is comprehensive buy, both hope gets American business before, after that both be expected to acquire Asian asset.

Apparent, in 3 kinds of afore-mentioned possible plan, group and equestrian cloud acted Alibaba important role. BGC analyst Colin Gillis thinks, all plan point to Ma Yun finally. This year the 3rd quarter, the accrual of Yahoo Asia asset is 1.59 100 million dollars, profitgucci bags outlet of Zhan Yahu net 54%, relatively last year of the corresponding period 26% grow considerably.

The sexual price of 40% equity is compared

At the beginning of this year October, ma Yun of chairman of group director bureau is in Alibaba the United States expresses publicly, alibaba is interested very much to buying Yahoo. Ever since, in the store cleaning out treasure that holds when a period of tendesigner gucci bags days of the middle of a month new rule is communicated on the meeting, ma Yun makes known his position again, the Qian Zao that buys Yahoo is ready.

One does not wish the illicit collect personage of sign one's name expresses, battle is bought in this in, alibaba is in " with static apply the brake " the position. "2005, yahoo and Alibaba come to an agreement, when Yahoo large stockholder producesgucci bags 2012 change, the Alibaba to Yahoo place hold equity, yahoo will give Alibaba 15 days preferential buy right. Yahoo will give Alibaba 15 days preferential buy right..

The president before Yahoo China thanks Wen Xiangna reporter analysis says, yahoo does not have the degree of at the end of one's resources, belowgucci handbags the state that bids in the person that numerous contest is bought, alibaba should be faced austere " sexual price is compared " problem. "This is game of a capital, everybody is playing psywar now. Buying low-cost nature is meddlesome, but not hesitate of principal purchase no point, in the gucci handbags final analysis this is dish of business. In the final analysis this is dish of business..

(Article origin: Author of southern Metropolis Daily: Wither farsighted)

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